Trundling along

I haven’t played EVE for the last week, instead spending each evening in DDO running quests with guild mates.  I’ve been enjoying leveling my first pure grunt – a Barbarian.  It provides a level of somewhat mindless but enjoyable play.

Training continues – my Main is just under 3 weeks off Minmatar BS V, Alt 1 is working on getting each of the Shield Compensation skills from IV to V (1 down, 3 more to go), and Alt 2 is working on being able to fly an Orca.  (She is about 20 days from that – then I suspect might need to work on one or two support skills to be able to fly the same fit as my other Toons.)

I noticed another possible Corp to join the other day.  I know after my previous failed attempts to find something suitable I decided to stick with the solo approach, but I’ve realised I’ve been favouring DDO recently due to the interaction with Guild mates, and not so much the game itself.

I’m busy this weekend with family events, so EVE might have to wait a bit longer before it gets any attention.  I did make 250M in sales over the last week, including starting to clear some of the PI stuff I’ve been stockpiling, so even when you don’t log in, your EVE life can be progressing.