CSM May Summit Minutes 02

Part two of the things which stood out for me from the May CSM summit minutes.


. CCP is getting significant results by concentrating on individuals who write and distribute bots, and trying to exterminate individual bots when they become popular.

. As part of protecting the EVE client, CCP are considering not allowing their client to be run in Virtual Machines (as very few players use them for legitimate purposes).

. They are considering formalising an internal program they refer to as “PLEX for snitches”, in effect rewarding those who report on botting or security issues

. When CCP comes up with detection tools for ISK buying, they do not plan on going on a fishing expedition to look into the deep past

. CCP is in contact with the security teams of other MMOs (which I think is a good thing)

. There is no hard date on when the authenticator given out at FanFest will work (which I think is not so good.)

. The 30 second session timer is there to allow the various nodes in a cluster to settle on a consistent state.  Black screens usually indicate these nodes failing to do so within that time.  A major cause of black screens when loading a lagged out system turned out to be the fetching of character names for the chat channels, which was being done in an inefficient way. That has now been fixed.

. They are thinking about implementing “Brain in a box” – an improved skill-management system which allows you to track or understand how your skills impact your ships and modules.   (EVEMon within the client?)

. There is interest in a modular POS system in the long term, including docking modules and factory modules. The major bottleneck is the Art department, which is busy until next year.

. Both CCP and CSM agreed that fewer specialized silos and assembly arrays would be better.

. Fuel pellets were discussed again

. CSM asked for personal hangers, especially for wormhole residents, and to allow passwords on individual POS modules

. CSM pointed out that jump bridge passwords were stupid.  Removing the need for these passwords was discussed, but no promises were made.

. CSM asked that anyone be allowed to deposit fuel in a jump bridge. CCP agreed that this would be reasonable.

. CCP talked about removing ABC (Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite) mining sites from wormhole space at some point in the future. This may be from all wormholes, or possibly from lower class wormholes only.

. A tweak that is being considered is not paying out Insurance claims when a player gets Concorded

. Running animations for characters are being worked on, but there is no release date for it at this time.

. The Art department wants to make modular stations

. The Scorpion and Maller were side projects of one Art dev. He recently did a new Raven, but the model didn’t pass muster.  (This is the sort of input into the game which is “good”.)

. The CSM was shown statistics related to the anomaly nerf, which had a bigger impact than CCP expected.  There was quite a bit of discussion about how the nerf disproportionally hurt alliance grunts.

. It was revealed (again) that electronic attack ships have the least number of pilots out of all the different hull types, followed by Black Ops and Titans.

. There is a goal to have at least one ship for rebalance once per release (roughly 4 times a year).  CSM would prefer to see a steady stream of minor tweaks as opposed to once-in-a-blue-moon overhauls.

. Capital ship suicide (self-destructing when you’re tackled to deny the enemy of loot/killmail) was raised as a concern. Repeatedly.


A few things amongst that which I found interesting.  Nothing yet which I can truly say was exciting for the empire carebear.


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