New Corp Overload

Every so often while afk on auto pilot your ship will pass an interesting conversation going on in local.  When you return to your screen at some later point, you generally find those conversations have been cut short just before the most interesting bits – by your ship jumping into the next system.

I’ve started the process of moving ships and supplies to a couple new bases of operation.  After more than a year of playing around in Empire and six months of keeping an eye out for just the right sort of Corporation to join, I finally found one that appears to be a nice fit.  It is time to drag the carrier out of storage, step out of the +5 clone, and lose a few ships.

What I have initially been surprised by is the disorientation from the multiple busy chat channels.  There is a lot going on within the Corp, local becomes important when you operate outside of Empire, and with 3 Intel channels your screen suddenly becomes cluttered with scrolling lines of text.  I remember this same sensation the second time I moved to 0.0 – and how it took a little while to become accustomed and comfortable with the incoming data.  I had thought I’d just slip easily into it this time, but I must be getting old or something.

Don’t even get me started on the Corp Forum, and the encyclopedia of information to digest…

2 thoughts on “New Corp Overload

  1. Reading multiple channels is easy, wait till you have to write in them.

    And never reuse the local frame for any other tab – or you will be told in TS that your response to ‘X up with shiptype’ should have gone into fleet channel, not local… 😉

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