Two many options

Minmatar BS V completed, giving me the whole BS set.  I’ve purchased and trained the first couple ranks in Minmatar Carrier and Dread, also completing that set.  At the moment I am going to work on T2 Large Projectiles, which will keep me busy for around 30 days.

Normally I stick to one particular training plan until it is complete, but I’ve been swapping between multiple goals over the last 6 months, and I’ve ended up with lots of things that still need training from III to IV.

In addition on the BS front I am still missing T2 Cruise Missiles and T2 Large Smart Bombs.  I also need to get Jump Portal Generation for the Black Ops, and get Cynosural Field Theory up to V so allow the use of the Covert Cyno.  It doesn’t seem like much to finish all those off – but it adds up to 107 days, more once I drop out of the +5 implant set.

My Capital skill plan has even larger issues.  While I actually have the majority of skills needed to fly, tank and fight in the various carriers and dreads, most of those are only at rank II and III.  I have over 265 days in that skill plan, much of this 1 week periods just to get skills from rank III to IV.

I also have a 90 day skill plan to ensure I can fly every industrial and freighter.  I think those are the last ships in game outside of Supers that I can’t fly – 6 transports, 3 freighters and 4 jump freighters.  Actually, looking closer, it would only take 48 days to get them to rank III.  Being able to fly all ships in game bar Supers was one of my main goals at the start of the year, and a 7 week diversion would get me to that rather cool end.

There is one very big problem with being able to fly so many ships – and that is picking what to fly.

Several days ago I took an Orca into Jita with the goal of fitting up a variety of small ships for use in the new Corp.  I hit my first hurdle when I realised many of my fits hadn’t been used for 12 to 18 months, so needed to be revisited.  I started with my Hulk fitting, which took quite some hours to settle on this:


. Empire use in Corp operations
. Cheap fit to deter profit based suicide ganks
. Be able to swap in and out Cargo Expanders, T2 Mining Laser Upgrades and T2 Strip miners without having to adjust the rest of the fit
. Be Cap Stable regardless of such fitting changes

[Hulk, M04]
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Survey Scanner II
Small Shield Booster II
Domination Magnetic Scattering Amplifier
Domination Heat Dissipation Amplifier

Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I

Medium Cargohold Optimization I
Medium Cargohold Optimization I

Acolyte II x5
Mining Drone I x5

It seems rather uninspiring for the amount of effort I put into it.

I then repeated the effort for a couple Covetor fits for wormhole use, before opening an even bigger can of worms when looking at PVP fits.  The Interdictor wasn’t too bad – I wanted a versatile roaming fitting, which the Sabre shines for.  Next were Interceptors – of which I had 8 hull choices to pick between.  I went through the 30 odd old fittings I already had in EFT and cutting the ship list down to 2 fairly quickly.  Then it took half a day of going backwards and forwards, comparing and changing options before finally setting on a fairly standard Taranis setup that I could simply swap blasters for rails depending on if I wanted a long range version or short ranged.  It helps that my Alt can also fly the same fits.  The last half day effort was spent on Stealth Bombers.  At least I only had 4 hull options here – and I am down to a Manticore fit I am relatively happy with.  Next step is to go back and see if I can duplicate that fit on any of the other bombers before making my final decision.

I wonder how many more days I will spend in Jita…