Enthusiastic Carebears

So I’ve been in the new Corp for a bit over a week now, got a grasp of their forums and in game Comms, won a prize in their raffle, set up 4 mining ships and half a dozen PVP ships, and moved lots of other ships around into staging systems.  I am currently going through the process of preparing to move my carrier to the Corps low sec base of operations.  It will require a mid-point Cyno, so I am book marking that system with my Alt.

I seem to be rather slow and methodical which such things – but it keeps me amused (and hopefully without an embarrassing loss mail).

From the killboards and evidenced in local, the mid-point system seems to be the home of a pirate group.  They are not particularly active when I am, so I should be able to pass through ok.  What does surprise me is the number of “young” pilots using the system to rat, mine and run exploration sites.  It is a pity that I am not inclined to be a pirate – as I would have had many opportunities to do so over the hours I’ve spent cloaked in the system.

I am relatively pleased with the move so far – it is nice logging in to almost always finding people active and online.  They seem to be fairly enthusiastic carebears, who look for opportunities to do projects together, share knowledge and help each other out.  They are also very much focused on EVE just being a game – with RL strongly and actively pushed as trumping any needs of the Corp or Alliance.  I think I’ll enjoy the game more for being here.