Carrier’s Moved

I completed the preparations for my carrier move – systems recced, bookmarked, scouts and cyno’s in place.  I then logged in my characters and waited for a quiet moment to perform the move.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.

After several attempts across a couple days I had to give up.  It turned out the pirate group in the mid-point system had been war dec’d by another pirate group, and were being perma-camped in.

In the end I poured over Dotlan’s jump planner ( looking for new options, checking statistics, before settling on an extra quiet place in The Bleak Lands.  I’d never actually visited that region before – the area I moved through was dead.  I might have to revisit it at a later time.  Within an hour my Carrier was finally parked safely in my Corp’s Low Sec base.

I then spent a few hours moving in a ton of fuel, setting up spare Cyno ships, and began gathering ships to be jumped down to 0.0.

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