There’s a little drama within the new Corp.  The Alliance is looking to make a move that the Corp won’t be following.  I’m not fussed by the situation – it sounds like the CEO and his team is handling it well.  It has been interesting to see the zeal shown towards the Corp’s values and approach to the game.  Most of it is positive, in the sense they certainly practise what they preach.  A couple rank and file members though might be a touch too evangelical about it.  EVE is a more relaxing game when you come to terms with, and accept the fact that people play it in all sorts of different ways.

I’ve been busy setting myself up in the sphere the Corp operates around, but I haven’t had much opportunity to join in their activities.  (Ill health being the primary reason – how unpleasant it was to find out viral Gastroenteritis can last 12 days.)  I like the fact there are always people online, with plenty of relaxed banter, and an enthusiasm shown towards the game.  I think I should settle in nicely over the long run.

I even managed to take the hulk out and do some solo mining.  I suspect that is the first time in literally years.

I noticed this killboard example the other day (a couple references to the same kill):



How did he manage to fit 2x1600mm plates on that ship?  Are there implants that would make up the 35% shortfall on power grid? Changed fits using a ship maintenance bay which messed up the killmail?  It is not the first time I have found a killboard fit which seemed implausibe.