Large Projectile Turret V

Having 3 accounts is useful if you fly capitals or spend time in 0.0.  It does come at a cost however.  My EVE game time was restricted over the last couple weeks, and when that was spread across three active characters, I ended up not getting much done with any of them.

I missed a PI cycle, so ended up only making 8M over the last week.  My Trading has also ground to a halt, the buy and sell orders just not being updated enough to turn over a profit.

My main achieved Large Projectile Turret V, can now use T2 Large Autocannon, and is 4 hours away from T2 Large Artillery.  Once I get the specialization skills to rank III, I think I’ll go for Energy Pulse Weapons V.

Alt 1 picked up Afterburner V, and is well through Acceleration Control V.  The only things in his training plan at the moment are social skills, but I suspect I will continue to max out whatever remaining support skills I can find.

Alt 2 continues to work on getting all the skills required to fly my current Orca fit.  She is just finishing off Drones V, and has around 15 days left on that list.

I moved Alt 3 (my main scout and cyno pilot) to live next door to my low sec carrier base.  I think once Alt 2 has finished the Orca related skills that I will move back to training this Toon.  I think I will use him to run high sec exploration sites and lower level missions, just when I have a spare 15 minutes here and there.

The Corp is now in a new Alliance.  This was done with minimal drama.  I haven’t managed to get down to the 0.0 base of operations as yet, although have managed to setup almost all the supplies I would want, waiting with the carrier.


I joined a Corp Mining Op, with the proceeds being donated to the current Orca drive.  (Basically where Corporation Members are getting discounted Orca’s through a program of donations and the receiving pilot making a nicely balanced effort and contribution.)  It turns out there are some politics involved in hauling and jet cans, which I will muse over on another day.