Incarna 1.1

Since the uproar over the release of Incarna, CCP seems to have been more quiet than usual.  This Thursday they release Incarna 1.1, the patch notes of which can be found here:

There is not much there from an in game perspective.

If I read them correctly, the new Forums will be deployed again, but not immediately made available.  Given the chaos after its first release, and with some players probably out looking for any excuse to rage, I hope they get it right this time.

The changes to customisable API keys are also being distributed.  That adds some possibilities going forward for new tools, but I hope EVEMon, EFT etc handle the transition ok.

Otherwise it is slim pickings.  There are some visual changes to Captain Quarters (don’t use it, don’t care), show info on drones will display the impact of your skills, you can now swap ships in station without the session change (fair enough, although I bet it makes the docking games worse), and some graphic bug fixes.

I assume the big change was meant to be activating CarbonIO in the client – as (somewhat poorly?) explained here:

But that has been crossed out from the patch notes.


2 thoughts on “Incarna 1.1

  1. I’d probably say for me at this point don’t care too much about Incarna. As well have a lack of confidence in CCP efforts to focus on fixing and improving the very heart of the game also including attracting newer players to the game.

    • I think Incarna was / is meant to attract new players – given they concentrated so much on updating the tutorials to be within it. It just doesn’t add anything for the seasoned player.

      I personally think CCP is making an effort to fix things within the game, but they focus on the easy items and rarely seem to get around to the big ones that people will actually appreciate.

      I’ve also got the impression since the Monocle disaster that CCP is holding back / treading too carefully. I can handle CCP making mistakes, as long as it feels like the game is moving forward. Instead it seems to have stagnated for a while.

      And bring back spinning ships already!!!

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