Finished the stockpile

I passed the Corp trial period and have been accepted as a normal member.

They are going through quite a recruitment drive at the moment.  The process is reasonable enough – a get to know you application form, checks via your API, employment history, killboard history, forum posts and sales and contract history, and a chat with a recruiter.  There is a preference towards older players with families.  With each influx of players however I get nervous when flying around in a Hulk or the Orca, in case one is an awoxer (Definition here ).  So far so good.

I was given some good quality quiet time today (in celebration of Father’s Day), so spent a lot of it in EVE.  I finished off my 0.0 ship collection, and got it all moved into low sec for storage and in readiness to be jumped down into 0.0.

This has been quite a process.  Given game changes, and a strong preference from the Alliance to field cheap ships, I have had to review and redo almost all of my fittings.  This could take more than a day for each specific ship type and purpose.  In the end I now have ready to lose a Curse, 2 Celestis, 2 Ruptures, 2 Hurricanes, an Arbitrator, 2 fleet and 1 solo Manticore, 2 Taranis, 2 Thrashers, 2 Sabres, a Rapier, 2 Covert Ops, a PVE Ishtar, and a collection of implant and ammo supplies.

I won’t move all of them down, but it gives me a pool of ships at hand which are ready to roll.

I’ll need to get a couple clones down to 0.0 for each of my Toons.  I won’t rush that process – but might think about it during the week when the pipes (which the Alliance does not own or control) are quieter.


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