Incarna thoughts 08

So it has been 2 months since the emergency CSM/CCP summit over the NeX store and Incarna release.  There was a joint statement and a video released at the time, with the expectation minutes would be subsequently be made available.

On the weekend CSM Member Trebor posted a message on his blog (which can be found here) giving an update on the status of those minutes.

In short – the CSM wanted the minutes to convey the severity of their concerns and criticisms (it is what the players would have expected of them), while CCP wanted it to convey a more congenial tone.  While it would appear some key people involved did spend time away on vacation which will have slowed things down, the delay on releasing the minutes relates to an impasse between the CSM and CPP.  (Not on the content it would seem, just the tone.)

I just can’t shake the feeling that CCP really did not learn anything from this experience.  They know best, the majority of players are happy, and that this is just a PR exercise to try and placate the minority of players who are upset.  And they might well be right.  We would be able to judge that for ourselves somewhat however – since the Quarterly Economic Newsletter (QEN) includes such things as active account information.  Except CCP haven’t released a QEN all year (and if I read between the lines, we will instead just be getting some less than impressive price index graph and a data dump for people to extract their own information from.)

CCP announced recently their first ever PLEX sale.  (A mild discount if you were to spend $200.)  There was a surprising level of negative feedback on this – the pricing point, the motive behind it, etc.   In the grand scheme of things why would you rage over it?  If the offer isn’t of interest to you, don’t take it up.  I think the feedback however is a small sign of people’s continued discontent towards CCP.

While CCP might be right that only a minority of players are upset with them, these seem to be the ones who are passionate about the game, those who blog on it, read and are involved in EVE forums and news sites, post on Facebook, etc.  I suspect that minority, which CCP is haphazardly trying to placate in a condescending manor, are responsible for driving much of the content which differentiates EVE from the other MMOs.

So CCP – get off your high horse, stop thinking you are smarter than your players, and get some passion and excitement back into the game.  If the CSM were angry at the emergency summit, that is the way the minutes should read.


One thought on “Incarna thoughts 08

  1. CCP is just digging themselves in a whole deeper and deeper where most players have a lack of confidence in their actions.

    To me they should have released the minutes as is and be over with it for all to see. CCP should of just learned and moved on from that point.

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