Is EVE dying?

This is an interesting article giving an overview of what the CSM is trying to do and why:

In short, get CCP upper management to put more resources into the flying in space aspects of the game through a media campaign.  I hope it works – although I suspect the resultant silence, PR spin or lip service will just frustrate people more.

In line with this current push by CSM has been lots of speculation on the health of EVE, and the suggestion it is on some sort of precipice, and could topple to its death unless the issues are fixed now.

I don’t believe that.

You could lose many of the old school players – but the game could probably go on for quite some time just with a steady turnover of new players who find a year or two worth of entertainment in the current environment.  If some of the old guard leave it might even open up opportunities for the younger players. That scenario would just need CCP to market the game appropriately.

I am mindful of this when listening to the younger players in my Corporation – the excitement and interest they have in areas of the game I had long since gotten bored with.  Or the enthusiasm they report at flying a new hull (usually badly fitted as they hadn’t got to those skills yet).

After a while I would imagine CCP management will turn their gaze back to the game, and we will start to get the sort of content we are asking for, and the game will probably pick up and move forward after a period of stagnation.

I could imagine three risks to EVE.  The first is that CCP makes a mess of World of Darkness and / or Dust, and goes bust.  I’d expect the game, which is profitable in its current form and has some nice technologies would be purchased by another development house, so would go on.  The second is that CCP is horrendously successful with World of Darkness and / or Dust, and simply never bothers to give EVE its true focus again.  The third is competition – where a viable replacement hits the market.  That last one is something CCP could respond to with the type of development we want now.

Regardless, while I see EVE Online dying for a lot of individuals, I don’t see the game itself dying any time soon.

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