Incarna thoughts 11

CCP have finally released the emergency summit minutes.  The blog can be found here:

The minutes were… well… kind of confusing.  Where’s the controversy that saw them withheld for so long?  They provided very little information over what we have already been told, and the tone of them seemed fine.  It will be interesting if the CSM come out and say they are happy or not with the document in its current form.

The information is also somewhat old, but the little bits that stood out for me:

. CCP has a priority goal of ensuring multiple clients work ok with captain quarters – but offset that with saying the game has always been GPU intensive, and that they don’t officially support multiple clients.  (Reading between the lines, I got the impression 2 clients should end up working ok, but above that you just need to have really good computer hardware.)

. They had seen no concrete cases of graphics cards over heating after the change

.  The ship spinning option won’t be the same as before – it will just look similar and function similarly to the old hanger.  This one will be interesting, as it isn’t just the metaphorical spinning people want, but the low resource needs of the old environment.  Even just looking at the door / static environment, the Incarna client uses more resources than the old spinning ship one did.

. They are looking to improve the new gun icons.  (Which frankly should not have been released like that in the first place.)

. CCP thinks its NeX Strategy is right

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