Back into Null

I’ve been reading about EVE more than playing it recently, so this weekend I made the point of spending a lot of time flying in space.  (I don’t think my wife was all that impressed.)

I missed yet another weekly cycle of PI and Trade, so my profits this month crashed to around 35 Mil.  I reset everything on Saturday, and I need to try and get back into a pattern with it.

I then organised connections to the Corporation and Alliance Voice Comms.  Interesting how API based security has become the norm.

Next I jumped into a Covert Ops, and made my way down to my Corporations Null Sec home.  This required more than a dozen jumps through low sec and 0.0, the first half of the journey without the benefit of any real Intel.  This actually took a couple sessions across two days – primarily as in each system I made scouting bookmarks on at least the in and out gates, any stations, and one or more safe spots.  I figured I would be using the pipe every so often, so the preparations were worthwhile. I also had to hold up on occasion and wait for camps to move.  (67 bookmarks made and counting.)

The trip itself was relatively uneventful for myself, but an interesting education.  It is NPC Null Sec, so somewhat different to what I am was used to.  The jump from high sec to low sec was camped, but they were warping in and out hoping to catch slow moving haulers and battleships, so the Covert Ops slipped through without an issue.  I watched their games for a while as I worked on my bookmarks.  They were not terrible successful, but since most pilots were at -9.9 security statuses, I assumed they must have got kills somewhere along the line.

The step into 0.0 and the first 4 odd jumps were relatively quiet.  There were multiple paths you could take, and most systems averaged 4 gates, so camping this environment was probably more miss than hit.  Still there were lots of people moving solo and (more often) in small groups, hunting each other.

Close to my new home there were choke points, but with Intel these were easy enough to navigate through. Of course, being NPC 0.0 anyone could dock, and sometimes had multiple choices of where.  I am going to have to get used to sharing the home systems with targets which may or may not be active.

The market in the region was a little better than expected, but it still took more than an hour to collect the supplies to allow me to open a Cyno up.  Meanwhile my Alt loaded up the Carrier and got into a position to jump, and when things were quiet I managed to move down a dozen small PVP ships and important supplies, such as spare implants.  I still have another load of ships and supplies to move down, but that can wait a few days.  Ideally I should end up with 2 clones for my main and alt1 down in the region, but that will also have to wait.

I don’t expect that I will spend a huge amount of time in 0.0, but I do want the option.  I also wouldn’t mind doing some PI and exploration sites, just to see how they compare to high and low sec areas.  All told EVE did what it was meant to this weekend; provide some quality, distracted down time.

I did have one complaint – CCP had a few dodgy issues introduced with the Incarna 1.1 patch – such as undocking to find some or all of your modules offline (very annoying and dangerous), and the one which bugged me all weekend, having your cargohold window disappear every time you docked, and randomly when you jumped into different systems.

2 thoughts on “Back into Null

  1. Have the same annoying issues as well with random modules realized after undocking to be offline. The cargohold issue being bugged and disappearing every time dock and jump gate is also very annoying. I’m sure there are other bugs that are no so obvious.

    Good to see your also taking in and having some enjoyment of seeing 0.0 and taking things in while there.

    • There is certainly a lot of unnecessary drama when in 0.0. Thankfully the resilience I have been building up to my children throwing tantrums translates very well into putting up with screaming pilots in the intel and alliance chats.

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