Incarna 1.1.1

Incarna 1.1.1 has been released.  It was designed to fix issues introduced by Incarna 1.1.  Patch Notes can be found here:

Did anyone else find it strange that the download was much larger than the original patch it set out to fix? I am glad to see the cargohold issue appears to have been resolved.

I am being reminded of some of the drawbacks of being in 0.0.  There is an expectation you need to be in the standing fleet or on comms – even though you might only be logged in to get some admin done, and are either docked the entire time or cloaked at a safe spot.  People also start yelling and getting angry because the red camps are not being broken, or someone foolishly jumped into said camp and no one came to help them.  Meanwhile I am busy with the kids and not even looking at the game client.  You get this underlying sense that if you are not active in 0.0 that it is best not to bother logging in.  That in itself is not a good thing.

3 thoughts on “Incarna 1.1.1

    • LOL. You made me log in to check – but then I realised I hadn’t looked in the store since it was first released, and I had no idea how much more stuff was (or was not) added with 1.1.1. Good to see it still all seems far too overpriced and underwhelming.

      • No, really. Those textures are incredibly high-res, which is amusing because most people turn the detail down incredibly low just to get their frame rate to an acceptable leve.

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