Moving yet again…

The Alliance the corporation was in for the last month is closing down.  It appears the leadership was frustrated at the lack of people joining up for PVP ops.  While they needed some help with how to lead and motivate people, their main problem was that the majority of their membership was in clearly stated industrialist corporations.  I would have thought the results of that would have been kind of obvious.

Anyway – the Corporation leadership must be doing a reasonable job with their diplomacy, because we are moving with a minimum of fuss into another Alliance in the area.  Basically our Corporation is a relaxed environment with no CTAs or pressing demands on its players.  It aims to provide its membership with access to as many facets of the game as possible – hence its 0.0 presence.  (Plus all sorts of other projects and operations that you can join if you wish.)  The players in the area are there because they want to be.  They join on the ops because they want to.  It is an approach which isn’t always respected.  I hope the new Alliance don’t have any other expectations, and are a better fit.

There is also a War Dec active, but that personally isn’t likely to be much of a factor.

My main finished off all his current Capital skills to rank III, and just started off on Logistics V.

Alt 1 will be shortly finishing off Drone Sharpshooting V, before working on Launcher Rigging IV.  I am running out of suitable skills to get to rank V for him.  I might get his PI skills up next.  It is also probably time to start him training on other racial ships and guns.

Alt 2 will finish off her Orca skill plan in 12 hours.  She isn’t a brilliant Orca pilot, but workable for hauling and reasonable boosting.  At least she can just hop into the current fit of my main and Alt1 without me needing to swap anything.  When she is done I will swap the training over to Alt 3, who will focus on Mission running and PVP skills for a while.

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