Give them what they want

I can just imagine an exasperated voice from within CCP saying aloud “Bara gefa þeim það sem þeir vilja”. **

So spinning ships will hopefully hit the test server “soon”.  The screen images and description in the blog suggest it will closely mimic the old functionality, which I had not fully expected.  I am surprisingly pleased with this.

CCP will also be reverting the generated turret model icons back to the original custom drawn icons.  That will make things far more useable in game.

Some bits on Captain quarters I ignored.

Last of all they have a new Cyno effect which should be out on the test server within the week.

In reality it is not so much moving forward, but instead is just regaining lost functionality, but I am still looking forward to the above getting back on the EVE cluster.

(** Assumes the Google English to Icelandic translation worked ok)

One thought on “Give them what they want

  1. It’s a relatively small change set, but it represents a sizeable shift in how CCP responds to player desires.

    I see it as an encouraging first step.

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