CCP released another blog –

This time they are updating the main font used in EVE.  I am very happy to see this overdue change.  Maybe I am just getting old, but it can be a struggle to work out system and character names with too many characters (such and I & 1, and O & 0) looking the same.

Keep these sorts of changes coming please CCP.

We can apparently expect some more blogs in the near future, although apparently the CSM – while happy, suggest there might be some controversy.  That’s got me interested.

Meanwhile in game, I parked an Orca at the local trading hub, and spent a lazy 500M ISK on ammunition and spare parts.  I literally started at the top of the market tree, and went down every pathway related to ship fittings, buying up anything I thought might be useful to have in 0.0 for quick fitting changes.  4 full Giant Secure Containers later, I moved everything to my low sec jump system, and got it safely down to 0.0.  I now have some 25 ships and 17,000m3 of supplies moved down there.  Next I have to start losing them…

There is certainly a different feeling with having assets in NPC 0.0 verses Sovereign 0.0.  Basically it is a lot less concerning.  You can’t be locked out of the station (ignoring short term camps), you don’t risk the assets becoming trapped, and the market is far better if you move and want to sell some stuff off.

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