Yet another Blog from CCP

CCP is on a roll, and released another Dev Blog

Basically it is a repeat of what was covered at (if I remember correctly) the fanfest, which is that they are looking at a formal way of rewarding players who identify and inform CCP of security issues within the game.  I wonder if this was the contentious blog?  In a practical sense, it is not something which will be used by the vast majority of the players, so I hope CCP don’t spend an inordinate amount of time polishing the concept off.  I have no problem with the idea – although in real life apparently the rewards offered up to help solve crimes are almost never actually paid out.

The New Alliance has had a War Declaration – its first it would seem.  It is from the same Corporation which was at war with our last Alliance when it (unrelated) closed up shop.  It is a bit unfortunate that we probably brought the unwanted attention across with us.  I assume they either thought we ran, and so wanted to grief us for doing so, or (just as likely) they got a spy in the corporation during its recent expansion, and want to make use of it.

I’m sitting in 0.0 at the moment, where I had planned to focus my time for the next few weeks, so the war will again unlikely have any impact on me.  (Unless of course I decided to go looking for them in Empire.)

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