Ratting 01

I have never really made much of an effort to do ratting in 0.0.  During my last stint in Null Sec I would have been lucky to rat an hour or two a month.  I’ve decided that I would make more of the opportunity this time round, if only just to keep the ISK ticking over.

I had meant to spend some time on Saturday getting used to the process, but instead ended up flying a Freighter around empire on one of my alts to help a Corp mate out.  (Moving supplies that he couldn’t, due to the current War Dec.)  I tried again on Sunday, but the effort was short lived.

The only PVE ship I moved down to 0.0 was an Ishtar.  While a practical, high tank, high DPS option, I very quickly remembered that I don’t actually like having to micro manage drones when busy watching my alignment, local and the Intel channels.  You really want your ratting process to be as simple as possible.

So then I spent the next 90 minutes trying to piece together an alternative ship and appropriate fittings, based on what was available on the market.  I ended up with an active shield tanked Cyclone.  I still have to pick up some rigs and ammo before I can take it out and give it a test though.  Those might require a little time and patience to grab due to their location.

I was also reminded quickly that if you loot your wrecks, you very quickly run out of cargo space.  I anchored a Giant Secure Container at a safe to ease that issue.

I plan on trying to optimise the process.  I usually over tank my ships – so this time I am actually looking to maximise damage, and use only the barest tank required.  I just need to balance it out.

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