Videos and SP

Rather quickly after Incarna was released, enterprising players had worked out how to get your own videos to be displayed on the Captain Quarters main screen.  Trigger pony and unicorn screen captures – amongst other things.   In reality, CCP should have foreseen that and had protections and checksums in place.

Their response – which took a little while, was in my mind a common sense one.  They made the process easier and explained how everyone could do it:

That saves face, and just “adds” a little to the game.

I made around 25M last week from empire PI and minimal trade.  For around an hours effort, maybe a bit more, that is reasonable.  I just need to ensure I spend that hour each week.

Training continues in game.  My main is 2 weeks off Logistics V, Alt 1 is 11 days off Minmatar Cruiser V, and Alt 3 is less than a day away from being able to use T2 Medium Artillery, to add to the Autocannon skill he picked up the other day.   They are at 85M, 78M and 8M SP respectively.  Alt 2 has 14M SP, and Alt 4 is a smidge under 2M.

I remember when I first started out in the game it seemed to take an age for your Skill points to amass to something worthwhile.  It was a goal within the game to reach each milestone – and you guessed you might be a capable pilot when you hit 10M, then it was 20M, then 30M, then 50M, then 75M… and now I am thinking, maybe when I hit 100M I might get to the point when I really know what I am doing…

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