The Icy Goons

The goons have announced a new jihad – this time aimed at disrupting the supply of Oxygen Isotopes in the game.

It has already had a huge impact on the price of the fuel, which increased by 150+% yesterday (and in some areas by a factor of 1000%).  The supply of Mackinaw’s (the Ice Mining Barge) also dried up, and increased by up to around 40%.  Most of this was from market speculators looking to make a quick buck, so it shall be interesting to see the long term impact.

As fate would have it, on my “To Do” list this weekend was to get more fuel for my Thanatos (which uses Oxygen Istopes) and setup a couple Ice Mining Barges…

So knowing I was being right royally ripped off, I spread my alt’s over Empire to grab some supplies and fed the Goony fed calamity.  I picked up a couple Mining Barges at about 20% over normal price and 3 to 4 months’ worth of carrier fuel at around 100 to 150% over normal price.  I know I could have waited for things to settle, but a reliable stockpile of fuel makes 0.0 life a lot easier.

I love how things like this happen in the game.

In the end the piece of mind expense wasn’t as bad as first thought.  A Corp mate noticed I had purchased fuel from him, and send back the excess profit he had made.  It was unexpected and not asked for – but also a nice reminded that it is the sort of Corp where people look out for each other.

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