A quiet level of Optimism

I made a couple small changes to my last post.  In the late night cutting and pasting, I left out the actual description of what I find the most immersive about EVE.
There were two important DEV Blogs released over the last couple days.



The first is from the man in charge – CCP Hellmar.  He acknowledges people’s angst, explains where his mindset was and is, outlines where he went wrong with Captain Quarters and Virtual Goods, indicates where he wants to go in the future, and apologises.  It is – personally, close to exactly what I was hoping for.  I don’t doubt many will find fault and still rage – but I have a quiet level of optimism about the game going forward that I have been missing over the last year.

The second is an overview of what CCP are trying to get into the game before Christmas.  This includes some unexpected items.  We already have been told about Time dilation, the extra captain quarters, the new font and ship spinning.  Added to the list are:

Hybrid weapons balancing
Factional warfare
Assault ships
Capital ship balancing
New T2 modules
Starbase logistics management
New EWAR-Drones
T2 Rigs manufacturing

I actually don’t mind Rail’s – so it will be interesting to see what changes might be made to them and blasters.  I have no interest in Factional Warfare, but I know there are a keen group of players who have been calling for changes since it was first introduced, and then sadly neglected.  Even though I may not use it, I think it is well worthwhile improving on.  Changes to Assault Ships might be interesting, and I wonder at the balancing to capital ships – which suggest it is more encompassing than just Supers.  (The Moros for example appears to lose its drone bonus.)  I assume the new EWAR-Drones are the T2 variants, or maybe faction.  The Starbase logistics management also stands out.  Fuel pellets maybe?

All of a sudden I have lots of things to look forward to investigating and understanding.


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