The Capital Nerf


CCP’s latest blog on their Capital Ship Balancing is out:

Most of the measures seemed familiar – either CCP had alluded to them already, or lots of people had been asking for them.  What makes a difference is seeing them all in the one place.

So the short of it – no normal drones on Supercarriers or Dreads, supers will find it harder to damage sub-caps, 20% less EHP for Supers, Dread Siege is now 5 minutes, and the 15 minute aggressed log off timer resets if you have been re-aggressed in those 15 minutes.

On initial perceptions – I like.  I wasn’t sure about removing the drone bays from Dreads, but I can see it makes it more role focused, and it is certainly offset by the 5 minute siege.  Now a hot dropping fleet of supers is going to want to have carrier and sub-capital support nearby.  The log off change is particularly good.

I did a quick run around the forums and generally the response has been good.  Mark up another tick for CCP.