And yet more EVE updates

Patch 1.1.2 is meant to be released tonight.  The patch notes can be found here:

It brings back the return of the ship spinning functionality.  While I am looking forward to this change, along with the suggestion of better memory usage, I hope it is not buggy.

They will also turn on Carbon IO in the client, although make no use of it yet.  Strangely the patch file size is only 13MB to cover all of this.

Last of all CCP will also have the game client automatically uploading EVE crash log data, starting from tonight’s patch.

I could imagine it would upset some people – not having the option to turn it off.  I think in the long run it will make the game client better, so I am more pleased with this change than not.  (Let’s face it, I’ve never bothered to report a client crash before…)  Of interest is this line – “Personal information is not collected in these reports, and it doesn’t look at anything else you have installed or are running on your computer (unless you have external binaries that have injected themselves into the running EVE process)

I was thinking about my last blog entry – where CCP is changing the way the patching software works.  In hindsight I can see a possible issue.  At the moment I run 4 EVE client installs.  There are two on my desktop (a main and a secondary), and two on my laptop (also a main and a secondary).  It can be useful having more than one client install – both as some settings are shared (such as running a larger window resolution for your main character compared to your alts), and for when you occasionally get a corrupted client.  At the moment I just download the one patch file, and use it across all of my clients.  I wonder if this new method gracefully handles multiple installs.  I know the Singularity tool references cached patch data, so I am hopeful.

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