And yet even more…

The surprising flood of CCP communication continues.  There was the press release which outlined the internal impact of their refocus on EVE:

In short – putting World of Darkness on the back burner and reducing global staff by 20%.  It is what the rioting players wanted in many respects, and we are certainly already seeing the benefits in game.  This however is the very real, human consequence.  In the last few months my employer has been retrenching staff.  You can’t downplay the impact on those who go, or those who remain.  I am hopeful CCP and EVE however will be the stronger for it in the long run.

Next we have yet another much asked for feature – the inclusion of implants on kill mails.

There will be a lot of people very happy with that one.  I have to give credit to CCP for the range and very large number of updates they are working on.  While it might well be just to placate the players, the game will be much better for it.

In amongst all of this – I have been playing EVE.  I am delighted with the spinning ships re-implementation – it works smoothly, quickly, and so far has been entirely stable.  The memory foot print of the EVE client has changed again.  When docked it seems to sit on average at around 650MB.  Out in space it quickly increases to around 800MB – but every time you jump through a star gate or dock up, it seems to quickly drop back to around 700MB.  It is odd seeing it seesawing up and down, but the overall effect is that the average memory usage has improved a bit.

The alliance has been under different War Dec’s for much of the last month.  While the empire Carebears have been for the most part careful and losses have been relatively small, many of them feel like they can’t actually undock and play the game.  As such some are quietly leaving, while others are switching over to the Sister Corp.  I’ve just spent the majority of the time down in NPC 0.0, so have for the most part not been impacted.

Where I have taken a hit – and this would impact most people who live permanently in 0.0, is I am having to delay and change my skill training plans due to lack of skill books.  My main needs Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration, Capital Projectile Turret, and will soon need Cruise Missile Specialization and Citadel Cruise Missiles.  Alt 1 is waiting on Small Autocannon and Artillery Specialization books, Medium Projectile Turret, all the Minmatar T3 related skills, and another dozen books related to missiles.  I will get both Toons up to Empire over the weekend, assuming the current War ends as scheduled.

While I am still pleased with the Corp and Alliance, I am not very happy with my failure to get back into PVP yet.  Part of this relates to just being unlucky (I’ve lost count of the number of times I see a roaming fleet disbanding as I log in).  Part relates to real life – and the constant family interruptions which leave me literally with only a couple opportunities a week where I can actually play for more than 20 minutes without having to continually walk away from EVE.  Part also relates to the type of PVP that is the normal here.  There is not as much solo stuff as I was hoping – instead it is more rag tag groups of a dozen ships running into each other, with the largest group winning.  There is also lots of baiting and hot drops, and some skilled groups which (not surprisingly) wipe the floor when they manage to corner some of the locals.  There is a lack of finesse to it, and I don’t feel inclined to needlessly throw away my favourite recon hulls to it.

And to be honest, part of the problem is me.  I am so used to being risk adverse and keeping myself alive, that when the stars all line up and I am actually in a position to concentrate on PVP, I keep making excuses for while I don’t join up. I am always waiting for a better opportunity, when I actually need to just throw caution to the wind and start losing ships.