And it continues…

More information out of CCP.

So we are getting 4 new Tier 3 Battlecruisers.  CCP has previously said that they are not adverse to adding ships to the game, but that they had to provide a new or unique flavor.  In this case, the new Battlecruisers will be able to fit Battleship sized weapons, but without the tank.  That is another very interesting idea out CCP.

Next they provided an overview of the changes to the EVE Community Team (some well-known employees from that group were retrenched).  The recent flood of information out of CCP has been informative, focused on the game, and on topics that will generally interest or excite most players.  No need to over think things CCP – just keep doing that.

Last of all there was an interview of CCP Hilmar by Eurogamer.

It is mostly a repeat of what we already know.  Of interest was that he gave the view that maybe the CSM was too pre-occupied by a certain play style.

In game I was finally able to safely jump clone my main and alt1 back to empire.  They ingested more than two dozen skill books – including Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration on my main, and most of the small to medium projectile turret and missile related skills for the Alt.  He can now fly the Loki – yet another step towards adding the Minmatar hulls to his current Gallente coverage.  I also finished off the weekly PI and trade runs – so it was a productive day in EVE.

I was watching some EVE Youtube PVP videos last night.  In 0.0 fleet battles you are yelled at if you local tank – yet many successful solo and small gang pilots do active tank (with cap boosters) to great effect.  I might have to consider looking into some fits to try.