EVE requires effort.


Alt 3 has around 2 months of training in his skill plan, directed towards running missions.  He is a day off being able to use T2 drones, but is missing the Racial Drone Specialisation skills.

There are none at reasonable prices in his current region, and after a couple jumps to get into the next region over – none there either.

I figure I’ll fly over to Amarr and check the prices there, and also pick up a new salvaging destroyer.  (So he can have one at his mission base, and one at his home base.)  It is about 10 jumps away, so I look to buy a shuttle.  The local ones are too expensive, so I have to jump over into another system to get a cheaper one.

I then auto pilot over to where I had a spare Thrasher hull (a mistaken buy at the time, but useful now), then jump across in the Amarr trade hub.

Damn – not much ISK on this Toon.  I log them off, and log into my Trade Alt, transferring some ISK across, and then log back onto Alt 3 again.

I buy the drone specialisation skills and ingest them immediately (safer than undocking with them), and quickly buy up the required modules for the destroyer.  (Using EFT to ensure he can fit everything in advance.)  While in Amarr I block a couple more of the scammers in local.

All set up, I figure I would check for any other skills I might be missing.  There are a few, so I jump over to Sarum Prime, and to the school station in system.  The most expensive purchase I need is Security Connections.  I decide to spend a couple million more outside of Amarr, so I don’t have to undock with it in the hull of a flimsy destroyer.

I then manually pilot the ship back to my home base.

More than an hour has gone, and I have done nothing aside from basically preparing the character to play.  But I ran out of time to do that – so once docked I log off, and hope I can actually do something of consequence next time.

I’m almost too ashamed to admit I find the game fun…