More on Player Owned Custom Offices

CCP have made a summary of people’s concerns with regards the Player Custom Offices so far:

There are a few suggestions there that will lessen teething problems, and help polish the concept off.  I’m still excited by the change, so I hope CCP doesn’t get put off by some of the negativity from players.

There were a few more updates from CCP with specifics:

. Anchoring will only take 60 seconds, and onlining 20 seconds.

. Gantry’s are invulnerable during anchoring, but not onlining.  The Gantry has no reinforce timer – I assume you need to take out all the modules on it before you can attack it though.

. POCOs generate kill mails

. There will be no drop from POCOs.  I knew that already, but the latest comment suggested any items in it are destroyed.  I had initially got the impression they were moved to a station automatically.  (The move was kind of odd anyway.)  To be frank it isn’t of much concern for me, as I don’t ever leave anything in the customs office.

. Attacking a Customs Office in Low Sec gives you a Global Criminal Flag, so anyone can shoot you

. Information about the Tax rate on a Custom Office is available to you while in system

. You can change reinforcement exit time, standings and tax rates remotely for your Customs office.


It has been interesting watching my Corp dynamic recently.  A good number of the management is AFK at the moment due to real life issues.  While the remainder makes an effort, there is a sense that the Corp is a bit lost and without direction right now.  We are also under our 4th War Dec in a month, this one immediately active after the Alliance let in a new Corporation.  I’m not sure if it is a serious Dec or a Shield Dec though, given it is just a one man Corp with a very young member.  Still – you can’t assume anything, so the Empire carebears are facing more time docked up.

So we are starting to see people leaving – including some of the more active PVPers.  It is a reminder about how important it is for the leadership of an EVE Corporation to be constantly communicating and having activities up and running for people to be involved in.

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