The leaders return

CCP released Incarna 1.1.3 during the week.  I believe it was meant to slot in during the normal 30 minute downtime, but I wasn’t around to verify they managed that.  The patch notes are below:

I had the Station services and overview panel issue – but only on 1 of the 4 EVE clients I use.  Good to see that one being addressed.  They also allowed the disabling of the automatic crash reporting.  I can’t say I’m surprised people jumped up and down about this.  I’ve left it operating however.

Next they released a DEV Blog on the initial findings from the crash reporting.

This included the news the 1.1.3 patch included several fixes for problems identified by the reports.  Unsurprisingly, they are also identifying that common crash triggers relate to graphics drivers and disk read issues.

Last of all they released images of the second Tier 3 Battlecruiser due out in the next expansion, the Gallente Talos.  The name is a bit meh, but it looks interesting.

Elsewhere someone identified the initial ship balance changes CCP is looking to apply during the next expansion by comparing data dumps or the like, plus the stats of the new Battlecruisers.  There was a lot of excitement over some of these – even though CCP did try to be clear that these were not likely to get into Tranquility, and were in fact just simplistic starting points.  I’ll just wait until we see the final cut.

Meanwhile in game the Corp leadership made a return.  They had heard the grumblings and noticed a few better known members moving on.  I did feel a bit sorry for them to be honest – they had real issues to address out of game, and might have hoped things would have moved along a little better without them.  The reality is however they are generally pretty active and generate a lot of content for the members.  It only took 4 relatively quiet weeks (and the War Dec’s) for people to get unsettled.  “Like herding cats” was an aptly used description of trying to manage the Corp membership.

Part of the efforts upon their return was formalising some programs to encourage members to get into PVP and EW ships.  I took pity on the leadership group and organised and donated a dozen odd fitted EW Frigates to the cause.  Yes, my largess knows no bounds, but it is the thought that counts.