Screen Real-estate

So what is better than 3840 x 1200 worth of screen real-estate to play EVE on?

5120 x 1440.

I had two new 27” Dell Monitors delivered yesterday.  (Impressively just a day after I placed the order.)  Not that I actually managed to do my normal Saturday morning EVE session this week – instead spending the time re-arranging and re-cabling everything in my study.

CCP released the first of the promised insider videos regards the development for the winter expansion.

Can’t say the first glimpse of the Raven change impressed me all that much.  I was however impressed with the approach they are trying to take with the Nebulae, so in effect have it try and give you a sense of location within the universe of EVE.  It will be interesting to see if they manage to execute that properly.  All told I got the impression that there would be a lot more graphical changes than I was expecting.

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