CCP released a blog giving an overview of the Hybrid balancing.


Basically most should be easier to fit, use less capacitor, and (for blasters) track better.  It also includes speed and inertia changes to an array of Hybrid boats – making them move a little faster, and (if I read it correctly) accelerate a touch better.  Tacked onto the bottom of the blog is reference to additional changes to certain T2 ammo.

I don’t have a view on how this will impact on the game.  I can however see myself spending a lot of time after the next update working on my hybrid fittings.

I’ve spent the last few days in Empire – completing a Datacore run on both my Main and Alt1, purchased some new ships, did some housekeeping and shopping, including grabbing a heap of implants.  I was contemplating trying out incursions, missions and mining, but we got War Dec’d yet again.  This time it is two alliances who state they are for hire.  I am not sure if it is simply for convenience (the Alliance is of the size and type which make it an obvious target for griefing Decs), or if they were hired to put pressure on us – plausibly from some of the new groups who have recently moved into our 0.0 area, and which are red to us.

There seemed to be some metaphorically slumped shoulders in the Corp channels.  The empire dwellers tire of the long string of wars, and more and more are changing over to the sister Corp.  My meanderings across empire having come to a close yet again, so I jumped cloned back to 0.0.

One thought on “Hybrids

  1. Personally, i am more excited about the 4 new tier 3 battlecruisers, but i bet all the hybrid users are happy about being buffed. it will be interesting to see how much of a buff it is.

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