More teasers

There was another Dev Blog, this time on changes to shadows in EVE.

Mildly interesting I guess.  Every so often you catch a jagged or illogical shadow being cast across your ship, so reducing those might help a little with immersion.

The second of the insider videos is already out:

This is another useful teaser, which helps build the excitement around the coming winter expansion.  Amongst the new things we are expecting, the art department is also working on updating, improving, or even re-adding objects and effects to the game.  There really do seem to be a flood of changes coming.

They also referenced a V3 project, which is updating all ships and objects in the game to allow easier skinning – to change colours, add logos etc to assets.  I had kind of thought this was a bit of a pipe dream, but it seems they are making efforts towards allowing that.  I am not entirely sure about it to be honest.  EVE generally looks visually attractive – have it awash with pink and rainbow ship hulls undocking from Jita kind of detracts from the immersion.  I hope they limit what players can do.

The hulls of the 4 new Battlecruisers are based on these competition entries:

I do think the Caldari hull is very apt – although I don’t like it from all angles.  They all look like they would fit into the game, and I look forward to owning all.

(I must remember to be more careful logging in my 0.0 toons.  As a matter of habit, I tend to log off in space.  This means you are less likely to be trapped in station.  The side effect of that is when you log in, you need to either immediately cloak up or make to a safe POS etc.  I keep getting distracted just as I click on the avatar, walking away, and coming back to see my Toon floating (thankfully unmolested) in space.  One day I wont’ be so lucky.)

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