Flying Pretty

Another day, another DEV Blog:

While I like this idea, it has dawned on me that it might take a bit to get used to.  I’ve been playing the game for years now, and I am very familiar with what my home and commonly visited constellations look like.  That will suddenly all change.  Interesting that Low and Null Sec will appear darker.  I’ll have to wait and see how that works out.  (I am aware my screen shots posted to the blog will provide more specific intel.)

It has been a busy couple months of training for all three of my accounts.  The EVEMon alerts have been going crazy.  I think I mentioned before that my main can now fly all normal Carriers and Dreads in game.  After finishing off more prerequisites, he can now also fit them.  I am only missing Capital Remote Hull Repairs and the Industrial Core – but as I have no pressing need for either of them, they are towards the end of my plans.  Now I come to a bit of a hard slog.  Aside my navigation skills, almost all my Capital skills are only at rank III.  Now I have 6 months of training these skills to rank IV, each taking 4.5 to 9.5 days.  I might start to keep an eye out for some cheap capital hulls though.

My small PI and trading Alt Corp continues its work.  I have not updated any of my installations for a while now, and still run with the weekly extraction cycle.  I have also had some luck with buying cheap P2 goods to supplement my own stocks, which – assuming I do a mid-week run to some of my factories to drop off extra supplies and move P3 goods around, has seen a worthwhile increase in the production of P4 goods.  That, along with a noticeable price increase for Robotics, and some further tweaking of my Trade Goods Portfolio, has upped my profits to well over 50M a week.

I know that might sound trivial, but this is relatively passive.  Given I am off the beaten path in a fairly small market, and that I spend less than two hours a week working on it (half of that AFK moving between systems), it is turning out to be a useful experiment.  I quite like this slow and easy progression. It doesn’t feel like hard work.

So in review I started looking at this about 8 months ago.  At the time I had around 100M in passive income a month from datacores.  My initial goal was to double that to around 200M a month with PI and Trade efforts, which I actually achieved in June.  Now in November the total monthly “passive” income is up to around 300M.  Even better, I can still see lots of scope for improvement without working harder on it.

(I know there is a tendency for people to embellish figures in EVE.  The above are actually rather conservative.)

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