Just.. Wow..

The third of the CCP insider videos is out


Basically there will be around 60 small features in the winter expansion.  They have some 20 new T2 modules – both to fill the gaps and to give veterans something to train towards (so expect long prerequisites), they want to encourage Booster use, have cut timers on setting up star bases, have the Corporation Bookmarks and are hoping to be able to add Alliance ones, fuel pellets, and the list goes on.

So I updated my test client, and 1.5GB later, was logged on to SISI with another 750 people.  (That is around 10 times more than normal.)

The new font is back, and is easier on the eye this time around (no idea if it had been tweaked, just worked better on the larger screen, or I was just in a different mood today).  I glanced around the captain quarter before I switched to hanger mode, and the character seemed to look a little better again.

I jump clone down to 0.0, hop in my Curse, and set the destination to the nearest station with all the 100 ISK items in stock.  I undock, and quite seriously a wow escaped my lips.  The new nebulas look fantastic.  I can see a new reason for population movements in EVE – people gravitating towards regions with the best nebula.

Next I grab a Naga – which looks better in game than expected.  I look forward to seeing it all finished.  These might be interesting to fit properly.  A full rack of T2 Siege launchers, a pair of T2 Ballistic Control Units, and a Microwarp Drive, and I was only left with a very gimped tank.  I undocked my Alt in his carrier and set about testing it.  Frightening DPS is all I can say.  A fleet of these will be horrifying.  But – the carrier had it cap drained and almost dead so quickly that its remote repairers almost didn’t kick in in time.

It is a very, very interesting idea, and structures, capital ships and empire gank targets should be worried.  I can however imagine fleets of these things being torn apart by smaller hulls.


I tried to do some 0.0 ratting again yesterday yesterday – following my ISK through osmosis approach; I need to just regularly clear out a few belts, enough to turn over ISK, not enough to bore me.  Of course I warped into the first belt, released my drones and headed towards the first Battleship, only to have a Neutral enter the system.  Knowing I was in a rather precarious position in the top belt, I warped to a safe POS, having to leave my drones (which were out at the far distance of their range) to their fate.  The neutral hunted me for a while (I contemplated allowing him to catch me given he was only in a thrasher, but it is very uncommon to only have 1 hunter in the area, so I stayed put).  He departed and I started ratting again.  20 odd minutes work and I had 8 Mil in bounties, and 2 Mil expense to replace drones.

The Cyclone is working out quite well.  I just use a burst or two of the MWD to get in close to the nearest Battleship, and orbit under its guns.  The 425mm Autocannon make short work of anything within 10km, and the pair of HAMs and drones clean up everything between 10 and 20km.  It is still not cap stable with the booster – but I am not having any issues tanking what I would find in a belt.  (Some anomalies might be different.)

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