Winter SISI 01

I spent some more time on SISI last night, looking at the latest changes.

There is a new system overview in the top right hand corner.  It takes up less space, but seems a touch garish and over colored.

When you dock, an “Enter Captain’s Quarter” button is show just under the overview, which seems somewhat easy to mistakenly click on.

Further, the right click menu when docked has another “To Captains Quarters”.  Too much me thinks…

The option to condense the font is no longer available, which I was hoping for to reduce the size of the overview.

There is however an interesting option with UI scaling.  I’ve left the tool tip up.

The Crash reporting option is in now in the options menu.

The T2 Gang Assist Modules appear to be all the same – require an extra 10% CPU, 10 power grid, and Rank V in the Warfare Specialist skill.

The T2 Small Tractor Beam requires Science V (which a lot of people would have), 25 CPU instead of 20, but is 20% faster and has a 20% longer range.  A worthwhile upgrade.


The Expanded Probe Launcher differences:

Expanded Probe Launcher – 220 CPU
Expanded Probe Launcher II – 242 CPU, +5% Scan Strength
Sisters Expanded Problem Launcher – 210 CPU, +5% Scan Strength, 25% faster rate of fire


The Destroyer updates are there.  No apparent changes to T2 ships in line with these however.

I also had a quick play around with the Talos – which seemed to be much easier to fit a tank on than the Caldari Naga.  These things are going to be at serious risk from small hulled ships though – it was only sctaching a carrier in close (non propulsion boosted) orbit with rails, including with tracking upgrades fitted.  One of these things caught by a cruiser in close orbit will be in a whole lot of trouble.

There were some quirks with the build, I kept finding by opening up various information windows that windows at the bottom of the pile, like Marketing, ships, items etc, kept resizing themselves.  It was however more stable than the usual new stuff on SISI.

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