Scaling and 150.

CCP released another DEV Blog, discussing the scaling option coming to the client with the next expansion.

I just logged in to queue up the next skill on my Main.  Capital Repair Systems IV will be finished within a day, and Capital Shield Operation IV will then kick off.  It is going to be a slow and boring process to get through these.  He is up to 87 Mil SP now.

Alt 1 is finishing off Medium Projective Turret V shortly.  He’ll be busy for the next 10 odd days on getting the medium autocannon and artillery specialization skills up to rank IV.  He is up to 81M SP now.

It was very quiet (again) down in our small pocket of NPC 0.0 last night, so I went out and did another short ratting session.  I have absolutely no issue with the Cyclone setup; it makes short work of things and would probably come close to passively tanking the damage.  (I only use the shield booster sporadically.)  As such, I think will go from one to three Gyrostablizer’s.  I will be required to go to a T1 Shield booster and Damage Control to fit it though – changes which I may have to end up jumping modules down from empire to get working right.

On the plus side people obviously know how to chain belt rats here.  Quite literally, every belt I warped to last night had a pair of BS in it.  They seem however not to bother with salvaging, so the belts tend to be full of wrecks.

Just as an aside – this is my 150th post on the blog since I started back in January.  I’ve uploaded some 110 screen captures in that time.  The blog still has the same goal – to help me focus my attention and get more out of the game.  It has been surprisingly successful in doing that.  Thanks to the handful of people who drop in from time to time and leave comments, appreciated.

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