Starbase Fuel Block Updates

I was going to leave this post until tomorrow, but it answers a blog comment.

(As picked up via EVENEWS24)

CCP updated the feedback thread on the POS Fuel changes:

They are halving the build time for the fuel blocks (plus you can research the BPO to further cut down the time).  They are also increasing the granularity of the fuel by a factor of 10.  So when you might have originally built 1 block, it will now create 10 smaller ones.  A small POS now needs 10 of these smaller blocks to run for an hour, 20 for a medium POS, and 40 for a large POS.  This will allow them to modify the Faction Towers so that they can now use less fuel.

That works much better.

I have to admit the willingness of CCP to take on board the feedback and make changes is very heartening to see.  It isn’t like a full scramble to do whatever the players want – they are sticking to their designs, but they are making changes and adjustments which will see these updates be more effective, and work better right from the start.  This is a refreshing change from the last couple years which really seemed to be “you will get what we give you, we know best.”.


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