The flood continues

CCP has released a Dev Blog on the Tranquility client launcher.

While I don’t play a great many online games, the ones I do play all use launchers.  As I have previously mentioned, I do like the tool used on the test server, so I feel that this change is a good thing.  Having said that – how many launchers just turn out to be an annoying opportunity to serve up extra ads?  (The screen image doesn’t bode well.)  I would prefer if the status, update and log on process were all very clear, and took up most of the launcher’s screen.  I also hope it manages multiple client install directories ok.

The next video from CCP is also out.

This is from the Core Programming department.  They mention the EVE client launcher, the crash reporting, and indicate the impact of the shadow changes on the GPU has been measured and is minimal.  They also mention that instead of just viewing a player’s portrait, you will be able to view their full avatar, much like you can view most ships and turrets etc.  Kind of pointless, but half amusing anyway.  They have also updated the Star and System Maps, and are changing the animations so that when a shot misses, it actually misses on screen.  That last one isn’t guaranteed to get into the expansion though.

Here’s another nice blog post.  While not 100% complete or accurate, it does an admirable job of covering a large number of the changes due to be implemented in the Winter Expansion.  Well worth a read.

Not sure I like the fact you can view the insurance status of ships that are not your own, but it is a good change for viewing your own ships.   A commenter on that same blog ( referenced the following link –

That indicates that CCP won’t be able to get the Assault Frigate improvements into the Expansion, which is unfortunately.  The tone of recent updates seems to suggest they are getting to the point of having to rule in or out changes for the Expansion.