Carebear loving, plus other updates…

CCP has the full winter expansion on Singularity for testing.  The new splash screen is up.  It is a bit too busy for my liking, but who pays that much attention after the first few logons anyway.  The other thing of immediate note was that the “Enter Captain’s Quarters” button has moved from the system information area over to the station services window, which is a better place for it.

Already on Tranquility is Incarna 1.1.3 client update 2, which was released the other day.

That had a nice little change related to criminal flagging while providing remote assistance to someone, which gives a warning and some protection against one of the more common forms of griefing in incursions and missions.


In a similar vein of providing a little protection from griefing, CCP also apparently changed the message of the day in the recruitment channel to indicate that no scamming was allowed.  It is ok outside of the channel – but not within.  (It is one of the more common channels new pilots use apparently.)  It caused a minor uproar – but I tend to lean towards providing a little bit of protection for new pilots.  A closed thread on it can be read here:


There was also a DEV blog released on the updated fitting window, which now includes a DPS figure:


And another one released about the session change timer being reduced from 30 to 20 seconds:


And another one released about changes to NPC content:


And another one released about the ability to view player avatars (and as it turns out, NPC’s too):

It takes a little while to load, but works ok.  The lighting is not perfect, and it doesn’t allow you to zoom as you can in the character creator.  In fact, you are basically limited by the size of your client window.

Another change noted on various forums and blogs is that when you warp through a planet or moon, it now sort of shows you going through a dark warp tunnel.  It is rather effective, and adds to the immersion:

It doesn’t work as yet for stations…

The new warp effect also doesn’t work well when approaching lighter coloured planets.  In the screen capture below I am approaching a station, near a moon, in front of a planet.  As you approach the planet it appears as a rather bizarre wobbling blob.

The engine trails are also in.

Can’t say I think a lot of them to be honest.  I’d prefer them to be much shorter and not as bright.  At least you can turn them off if you want.

And last of all is a little update that I was made aware of via Serpentine Logic’s blog:

The Jita memorial has been updated to reflect the damage done during the player Incarna riots.  I find that a small but meaningful gesture from CCP.

There was a link I was going to finish this blog off with – to another summary post that covers many of the winter changes in once place.  (A much needed summary to be honest.)  I’ve managed to misplace it however.  Hopefully I will find it for next time.

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