Actually Playing…

I’ve spent a lot of time in EVE today.  I started off with some empire mining using my Main and Alt 1.  It was the first time that Alt had mined before – although he had the skills to do so for some time now.  I could almost sense his displeasure, given he is usually parked in a carrier.  Before undocking I updated my mining spreadsheet.  I was surprised to see that Pyroxeres was the most profitable ore in Empire at the moment.  I don’t recall ever seeing that before.  I wonder why Noxcium prices are so high.  Jaspet is suddenly worth mining.

I also spent a lot of time working on fittings (a task I am still not half way through).  Picking up Logistics V has meant I have had to rework my Incursion and 0.0 fits.  (Not that I have run an Incursion as yet – but the ship is there waiting for the moons to align).  I picked up some well-priced Sabre hulls in 0.0, so I am going to have to collect the fittings and jump them down.  Some of the ships I took down haven’t work as well as expected – at the moment I am just grabbing the fitting changes required to update my Arazu’s .  My original fit just didn’t align quickly enough.  I also want to revisit my Rapier fit.  The list goes on.  Once finished I should have a large collection of modules to move down.  I know I took down a heap of spare modules in an earlier jump, but it doesn’t seem to have included anything I actually needed…

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