November 29th is the day the winter expansion is released, although history has shown this can slip.


There is a reasonable list of updates in this forum thread:


Based on player feedback, there have been some smart changes to the PI updates:

All Low Sec, Null Sec and wormhole Customs offices will remain, but be owned by Interbus.  These can then be shot down without standings or security penalty, and will remain until removed by players.  I like this approach.  While I expect some scorched earth behaviour, it removes the immediate need for players to anchor their own.  Other nice changes are that the tax rates are more flexible, and ownership can be transferred.  I don’t plan on anchoring my own, and will just stick with my Empire installations for the moment.


CCP released another video:

Not quite as interesting as the previous ones – they discuss ramping up visibility of customer fronted employees, their efforts to minimise downtime (which has really improved since I started playing), and remarking on new hardware.


They have made changes to the value of Anomalies, and remarked on the previous changes having more of an impact on players than expected.  I haven’t run these for a long time.  An addition for the to do list.


They have changed the star gates so that they point towards their destination.  With the nebula, this is another little update to help give a sense of your location.  Kinda cool.


Next was a DEV blog about lots of cool little changes.  (I am going to have to go right over the release notes, and ensure I make use of all of these things).  I love the change to the Keep at Range and Orbit buttons, which will save their settings per ship type.  Brilliant.  The Loot All button is discussed.  I have a macro key setup to do that, so it will take a bit to get used to clicking on screen. Options to Open Cargo, scoop to various bays etc will now try to get to the correct range to do the action, there are drone re-connect options, and so on.


There is more information on the missed shot changes, including where and why they are not completely accurate.


And finally another Dev Blog on more small changes, including one in particular I cheered about (the world map control panel staying minimized if that is where it was last time), updates to the information shown on the skill info boxes, etc


I suspect the true benefit of this expansion won’t be felt for a few weeks – until everyone is used to the new short cuts and better way of doing things in game, and just find the whole overall experience “better”.

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