Today is the day

The Crucible update is scheduled today between 08:00 and 14:00 UTC.  Given the player revolt against Incarna, it is important that this goes smoothly.  Good luck CCP.

The deployment announcement is here:

The ever important patch notes (which I haven’t gone through closely yet) are here:

And the dumbed down feature list here:

In amongst the information is a warning that your overview and window placement will all be reset.  Not uncommon – and mildly annoying, but at least we know in advance.


In the week that was:

A summary of the Blog Banter 30 has been posted by Seismic Stan.  He’s done well:


CCP’s latest video was released.  It didn’t really cover anything new – localization, moving bookmark folders to the server (hoorah), etc – but it was worth a watch just to try and work out the source of the accent to CCP Punkturis’ English.


CCP ran a live player event where a fleet of them came out in pimped ships and took on any players they came across.

An interesting idea, they dropped impressive loot, and it sounds like a great deal of fun was had until the null sec titan fleets cyno’d in.


A Dev Blog was released on the Corporation Bookmarks.  I am very pleased with this change – our Corp, like many, share bookmarks in the hangers, and they are forever being lost or not copied back.


A Dev Blog was released just finalizing the Custom Office changes.


There was a big Dev Blog on localization (allowing the easier handling of different languages – a good thing to be honest as it increases the potential audience to the game).


A Dev Blog on Engine Trails – including some geometric calculations which I assume were added to hint at how they are actually more complicated to do than you might think.


And finally (unless I missed some) a little more information on the free implant coming player’s way:

I don’t actually fully understand what the 50% set bonus means – I assume the power grid and capacitor bonus increases to 2.25% when paired with the other in its set.  I wonder if that includes the +3 Perception – having it go up to +4.5?  I assume not, but would be interesting to find out.


I expect there will be a hive of activity once the game servers come back up again.  I’m looking forward to it all.

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