Do you wish to launch the repair tool

Home and work have smashed me a bit today, so I haven’t been able to explore Crucible.  I did download the 1.2GB patch and hit a snag.


That gave me a bit of a heart attack.  The repair tool had to do very little and the client was up and running quickly. However…

… it had deleted the 1.2GB patch download, and I had 3 more clients to update!  So I downloaded it again, but this time before the patching of the second client completed, I copied the download out of its directory so I can use it again.  (Noticed others complaining of the same issue on some of the EVE forums.)

I then logged my main in…


… and realised I should probably not have left myself sitting in a ship that was being hit by the nerf bat.

Thankfully I loaded fine, but found my faction fit Dramiel had 2 offline guns and that I needed to rethink the fit.  I had assumed that would be the case, but quietly hoped that maybe I wouldn’t need to given the amount of faction stuff on it.  Nevermind.

Last of all I redeemed my 3 CA-1 implants, one for each of my accounts.  As I grabbed the last one, I had a fleeting glance at the expiry date and saw the 2nd of December.  Was that 2011, or 2012?  If it is only available for 3 days, you will want to grab it quickly.  Initial prices on contracts when I looked were buy orders of over 45M, and sell orders of around 80M.  This is a sought after freebee.

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