Crucible thoughts 01

There might end up being 101 of these sorts of posts…

My wife has no interest in computer games, but even she was impressed with how good the Nebulas look.  I’ve been playing EVE for over 5 years now, and I don’t think any single graphic update has had such an impact on the atmosphere in game.

To add to that – these are not just static backgrounds, but actual positional pointers in the sky that mark your location.  The reality of that hit home when I first undocked from an empire station, panned the camera across the sky, and noticed a faraway Nebula which was familiar.  It normally engulfs my 0.0 home – and here I can see it, in the far off distance, from empire.  I’ve never had that feel of proximity in the game before.

It is strange – Incarna was meant to help with people’s immersion in the game, but personally, the Nebula and how they have been implemented has been far more effective in doing that.

The brighter star fields also works well, although the sunlight could be toned down a touch.

I’m a bit on the fence with regards the v3 set for the Caldari and Gallente ships.  It tends to make them look less glossy and a little more flat while docked.  In space it depends on the ambient light.  The Nighthawk seems to look a little better, but the Megathron not so much.  I expect before long I won’t remember the differences though.

I hadn’t bothered to look at the Raven model update closely, but from the complaints I wasn’t expecting much.  Turns out I think it is an improvement – although it didn’t make me want to go out and buy one, like the Scorpion hull update did.  (I must undock in that Rattlesnake again.)

I’m still on the fence with regards the new font.  I run my main EVE client in a 1920×1080 window.  The font seems to shrink that screen real-estate, making it feel more cluttered.  It is easier to read (for the most part) – I just wish they included a condensed version of it.

I’ve read a few blog comments about how this expansion is actually just one huge patch.  I know it sounds lame to admit it, but the visual updates alone seem to give Crucible its own life.  Undock in Crucible for the first time, and you know are not in Incarna anymore.

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