After spending most of the year slowly introducing myself to PI, tweaking and experimenting (at a somewhat glacial pace I will admit), I come to what will be my last of the “old” Saturday morning PI runs.

The tax changes mean your PI decisions have consequences.  Make a mistake and you lose ISK on it.  Further – it has the chance of throwing the entire PI market on its head, so it might take a while before things settle on new price benchmarks.  As such, I need to change how I am doing things.

. I had planned to get Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation from rank IV to V on my two PI alts.  Alt 2 will finish Command Center Upgrades V in 3 days.  Once that is completed I will hold off on doing the remaining skills, until I understand the new reward levels from PI.

. I was using spare capacity in my network to stockpile different sorts of PI goods, some with long term goals, some speculative.  I will cut those out unless I have a specific and active goal.

. Of the PI goods I was using, due to unbalanced supply, some have slowly been stockpiling.  I will cut that production back.

. I will change my PI cycle from 7 days to 2 days.  I may not do the collections more frequently, but that better suits a more streamlined production of extracting only what I need.

. I am moving PI goods too much through a chain of planets and production facilities.  I will have to change this, and set up one or two primary factory planets.

. The PI goods I do put up on the market I will price towards making the same profit levels as I was getting before the tax increases.  If they don’t sell, that will in effect be stockpiling them for a while.

There is a supercilious glee from some quarters about the PI changes – happy that empire PI is being nerfed, happy at the thought Carebears are complaining, and somewhat over optimistic that this will mean more haulers for them to target outside of empire.  At the same time there are people on the other side complaining bitterly, saying that this will be the death of PI, the skies will fall in, and the game will end.  Yes – it is a nasty and unexpected ISK hit, and suddenly PI requires yet another set of EVE spreadsheets.  It is however EVE – adjust, see if the new price points still make it worthwhile for you individually, and change your approach accordingly.

There are a couple things about these changes which annoy me.  The first is that PI had a very low entry for new players.  Now there is a moderate hurdle they have to jump – first they could lose a lot of ISK if they don’t select PI items that sell well, and second, they now need to have enough collateral to pay for the taxes before they manage to get their first P4+ items to the market.

Second –Basically PI has become much riskier outside of Empire.  POCO’s are not really a solo option (unless you like to gamble).  They are probably best suited to 0.0 Alliances with established territories and region wide Intel channels, and possibly wormholes.  If people wanted more targets in low and null sec, this might well have the opposite effect.

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