Funny what little details you spot in EVE.  Today was the first time in Planet View that I noticed the Custom Office’s orbit is shown.

I’ve finished my PI changes which were triggered by the Tax increases.

. The extraction Cycle has been reduced from 7 to 2 days for all planets

. I’ve gone from 10 planets exporting goods each cycle down to 6, 3 only exported as production requires their input, and 1 now spare

. I was importing goods onto 4 planets.  Now it is only 2

. I’ve dropped a couple items that I was producing, and increased the extraction head units for the remaining ones

. Going forward I will be reducing and better balancing the ingredient stockpiles I operate with

Be interesting to see where the PI prices end up.  There has been some obvious market manipulation and speculation, which has seen price increases of between 10 and 30% of the various items I keep an eye on.  From the first big PI effort since Crucible, I spent 30M in Taxes, Planet changes and PI Market buys, sold 46M, and have another 60M for sale on the market.

EVE seems a bit busier since the expansion.  Yesterday there were 40,000+ people online, which was higher than I have seen for a while. Today when I logged in there were 47,000+.  That must give CCP a little hope.

In all my running around today, some of the little Crucible changes have really shone through.  Clicking Jump on a distance gate, and automatically warping to it first is excellent, and a real time saver.  (Plus I assume it will stop the horrible issue of having your freighter hit a gate and bounce 100km off while you are not watching.)  I can however see me clicking on it by mistake in 0.0, and losing ships.

Being able to auto pilot to a Station is also excellent.  A nice touch is that just like the icon of the next gate being highlighted in yellow, so is the station icon.  Unlike gates, where you warp in at 15km, and travel to 2.5km from it before jumping, with a station you seem to warp to 12.5km, and dock once you hit 0km.  I really do like that one.

The new PI transfer window is better, and saves on the number of clicks you need to do.  It is still not entirely intuitive though.

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