Out of Action

Put my back out on Friday morning and been unable to sit at my computer since.  Doctor, painkillers, CT scan, Physio visits and days off work.  Funny how the thought of spending all day lazing in bed seems appealing – yet when the opportunity arises, all you then want to do is get out of bed…

3 thoughts on “Out of Action

  1. May I say I feel for ya man…. only inna 2nd hand way. My wife had surgery 10 days ago, been home a week and living on pain pills and good will… and last night we determined that we may have to go back to the hospital. sux.

    Hope you get bettah soon…


  2. Thanks for your comments. Slowly on the mend and moving much freer. In the grand scheme of things I can’t complain too much. It could have been much worse. There is even a silver lining – I can’t lift our two year old, so my wife needs to do all the nappy changes for a while…

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