Back in action, for a few minutes at a time

The Physio is allowing me to spend short periods of time in front of the computer again.  The CT scan has shown a slipped disc and an adjacent disc bulge.  Thankfully they are on the small side, so I just need Physio and rest.

Because of that, my EVE play has been rather barren for the last 6 days.  I moved my main and Alt1 out of 0.0 and into their +5 clones, figuring I wouldn’t be undocking for a little while.  I then added some longish skills to the training queue.  I have missed the last three 48 hour PI cycles, didn’t do my weekly market update, and only glanced at EVE blogs and forums.  I might try to get some of that done later today or tomorrow.

EVE has had several patches deployed for Crucible, including one scheduled for tonight.

Crucible 1.0.0 has had 3 client updates

1.0.1 – was a substantial list of fixes, and included 2 client updates.

1.0.2 – to be deployed tonight, also has a substantial list of fixes


The DEV blogs continue.

Here is an update on the search box options, and the related information in the Wiki.  Useful information to keep handy.


They also released stats on ships that are blown up in game and where:

And some stats related to some of the new items in cruicible, such as the Teir 3 Battlecruisers, Player Owned Customs Offices, and the increased activity in game:


The second of the free gifts has been released, and CCP is also now allowing you to select your own Christmas Gift from a list of options.

Jester does a reasonable job again of giving an overview of what is available:

The primary thought amongst bloggers seems to be that the remap is the best option.  (Although as I write this, it has been temporarily removed.)  I actually have spare remaps on my accounts, so didn’t bother with that option.  After humming and haring for a while, I ended up selecting a set of Fuel Block BPO’s, and two lots of the Medium Navy Missiles.  (Figuring out of all the options, those were the ones I would most likely use all the ammunition types from.)

One thought on “Back in action, for a few minutes at a time

  1. Hope you feel or get better soon and in time. Slipped disc are not fun to have, i’ve had a few. Think i still have one in the back that i’m just living with it and manage to tolerate to some degree.

    But hope you feel better soon.

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