Do you wish to launch the repair tool – again, and again?

What a cruel punishment this slipped disc has been.  Recovery has been coming along well, except in one key area, sitting down.  Even after I could walk ok and generally felt comfortable, I still couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes without the back tightening up and the pain settling in.  It has taken a fortnight, including a week off work, but I finally seemed to have turned a corner.  More EVE time again.

I’ve had to run the repair tool three more times now since Crucible was first released.  I have two installs on my PC.  The main one was corrupted by one of the larger patches – which reported it completed ok, but wouldn’t subsequently run.  The same install was corrupted again later by a client update – but not to it!  It coincided with the update of the second install.  Finally one of my two installs on my laptop also completed a different patch update ok, but wouldn’t run.  That time the repair tool download file was going to be over 1GB, so I cancelled the repair and simply copied the working install over the top of it.  I did get rather paranoid however, and scanned both my PC and Laptop for hard disk errors, viruses, malware or anything related in the Windows Event Viewer, finding nothing.  Odd.

I have managed to do one PI run over the fortnight, and last night I ran around and collected two weeks of trade purchases and updated all my buy and sell orders.  I had to drag the Obelisk out due to the volume I had to pick up, which slowed the process down considerably.

I’ve found a couple ship hulls which are currently rather profitable in my constellation.  Unfortunately some of them are large, including one particular type of battleship, so the “quick” trade runs often turn into slow freighter crawls.

(I know I don’t have to collect them, and could just do remote sell orders.  I have enough trade items now though that I would run out of slots if I took that approach, plus the station I sell out of happens to be close to a school system, which helps move stock.)

I am slowly building a portfolio of merchandise which has low competition, reasonable filling of buy orders and acceptable turnover of sell orders.  I generally buy for 50% or less of the sell orders, so the margins are good.  (I make 30+M on each of the Battleship hulls for example.)  Some items drop off the list as other traders come in and out of the market.  Some items don’t move, but I can either reprocess for minerals at a profit, or just move to Amarr when I get a stack of them and profit that way.

I have a number of half written posts to come.  I also need to try and tie together some of the loose ends and rambling threats that seem to flow across the blog.  Maybe an end of first year summary or the like.

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